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Company development history


"ROSWOOD" Ltd. Opened its doors for business in 1996 and began operations by specializing in mechanical-hydraulic governors and governing systems.


For the first ten years of work our perspective and dynamically developing company has gradually become the premier governor service company in Russia. The big role in “ROSWOOD” Ltd. formation played cooperation with the world leader of governor manufacturing - the American transnational corporation «WOODWARD Governor» which recognized our capability in 2003 and officially appointed "ROSWOOD” as the Russian independent regional service centre.


The first certificate that confirmed our commitment to quality was the certificate of firm conformity to requirements of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping in 2001. Never one to rest on our laurels, “ROSWOOD” further expanded by fulfilling the requirements of the ISO 9001:2000 management system standard. The system has successfully passed audit in 2005, and in 2006 we have achieved ISO 9001:2000 quality certification № 06.055.026 concerning repairing and service of ship automatics and governors and delivery of the equipment and mechanisms.


Our company has always strived for being effective and corresponding to the modern market requirements. So the next logical step of our company was mastering of the complex approach to repair of automated systems and global transition to processor control means.


Now we have specialized facility in Vladivostok which is capable of providing full complex repair of automatics on several ships simultaneously.


The second decade has become a new point in our company policy. With the support of "WOODWARD Governor» corporation in the end of 2007 we offered delivery and repairing service of the advanced highly reliable processor control and managing systems on the Russian market. 


Besides in 2006 experts of our enterprise mastered production of one more world leader – «VAF Instrument». We were trained at the manufacturer plant, successfully modernized equipment, using the most advanced measuring complexes of the company, and in the end of the year we have acquired the right to carry out service and to represent interests of «VAF Instrument» in the Far East of Russia.

 In 2006 “ROSWOOD” signed an agreement with “VAF Instrument” Ltd. to be its distributor in the Far East region of Russia. Our technicians successfully passed training courses at the manufactures plant, we modernized our equipment with the most advanced measuring complexes of the company, and now we can ensure customers that our company provides most efficient and reliable service in our region.


We constantly expand the circle of our customers. Earlier we were limited to the Far East region, but now we have confidently stepped over Ural Mountains and consider that there are no borders for fair and diligent cooperation.


Experience and high qualification of our employees allow us to work confidently in the difficult situations, guaranteeing high quality of work and reliability of partner relations.


The invitation to cooperation


Company "ROSWOOD" was formed in 1996. For the last years we created dynamically developing strong enterprise which gradually became the leader among the Russian governor and ship automatics repairing companies.


We have achieved the right to represent in our country interests of the world famous companies «WOODWARD Governor» and «VAF Instrument» and today are ready to offer our customers a full spectrum of their production with the warranty service.


Besides we have mastered complex repairing of ship automatics and now we have two specialized industrial areas in Vladivostok and Nakhodka which are capable to make full complex repair of automatics on several ships simultaneously.


Constant improvement of service quality is a strategic goal of our enterprise. The key achievement in this direction is the Certificate № 06.055.026 of fulfilling the requirements of ISO 9001:2000 management system standard.


Perfectly equipped workshops, use of high technologies of repairing and high professional skills and experience of our experts - these are the components that help our company to come as much as possible to the level of the best service centers of Asian-Pacific region and confidently work in the difficult situations.


We are grateful to our customers for their trust and we can assure that we are ready to work in Russia and abroad, guaranteeing high quality of work and reliability of partner relations.


Respectfully yours,

Valery Loginov

General Director of “ROSWOOD”

Copyright: ООО Росвуд, 2008

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